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Smart Home - Geo-Services



  • Create Geo-Fences to enable location-based rules and alerts that automatically adjust your home’s settings
  • Geo-Services uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you’re leaving or approaching your home

Resolution Steps

    You must first enable location services in the Mobile app before configuring Geo-Services in your online account

Enable Geo-Services on your smartphone:

    1. On your smartphone, go to the menu in your app

    2. Tap Geo-Services and turn the feature on

    3. Confirm that can use your phone's location

Create your Geo-Fence

    1. Log into on your desktop or laptop and Click the 'Mobile' tab and you'll see the Geo-Services screen

    2. Click the Home link on the right and enter your home address

    3. Tap The skill should be at the top of the list

    4. The geo-fence will relocate to form a circle around your home. You can adjust its size using the tabs on the fence

    5. Click Save


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