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Clock / Channel Display on Converter for CA, OR, TX, and WA



Resolution Steps

Passport (Scientific Atlanta, Cisco Boxes)

    1. Press the Menu key twice while watching TV to reach the General Settings page

    2. Scroll down to Accessories

    3. Choose Set-Top Clock

    4. Choose Display and change the converter display to the following:

      • Show Time Always: only the clock displays

      • Show Channel Always: only current channel number displays

      • Show channel when Tuning: all other times the clock displays

    5. After selecting the Display, choose Illumination from the Set-Top Clock options

      • Always On: Clock will display even if converter is powered off

      • On/Off With Settop: Clock will display when converter is powered on, turn off when converter is powered off

    6. Press Exit on your remote

i-Guide (Motorola, Pace, Arris boxes)

    1. Press Menu 2x

    2. Select Setup (usually on second screen)

    3. Select Cable Box Setup

    4. Under Front LED display, choose one of the following:

      • Current Channel - Displays the currently tuned channel on the front of the cable box

      • Current Time - Displays the current time on the cable box

Internal Information

Commercial Agent Steps

Financial Agent Steps

Management Steps