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Smart Home Mobile App



Available Platforms

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple Watch, Apple TV (Requires iOS 10.0 or later)

  • Android

  • Blackberry



  • See what’s happening at your property

  • Arm or disarm your security panel

  • Watch live video and recorded clips from your security cameras

  • Turn on or off lights

  • Set the ideal temperature

  • Lock or unlock doors

  • View images of important activity captured by image sensors

  • Search your complete system event history


Resolution Steps

Downloading the App

    The App can be download from the Android or iOS App store

    1. Go to the App Store, and search for

    2. Select the app 

    3. Select Install

Logging into the App

    1. Open the app 

    2. Enter Username and Password that match the account

    3. Tap Login


Using the App

    • The mobile app allows for viewing one property at a time

    • The system description is displayed at the top of the screen to denote which property is selected at any given time

Set Up Notifications

    • Go to the Settings menu to enable Push Notifications

Arming/Disarming system


Controlling the Lock(s)


Controlling the Lights


Thermostat Changes

    1. Scroll to and select the Thermostats option from the home page

    2. Press into the box where Mode, Schedule, and Fan are displayed

    3. Select the desired Mode, Temperature, and Fan Mode

    4. Press Send

Thermostat Schedule Changes

    To make temperature, mode, or fan mode changes, follow the steps below

    1. Scroll to and select the Thermostats option from the home page

    2. Press Schedule

    3. The screen will display schedules on or off

    4. Select Edit for Cool or Heat, under Edit Basic Schedules

      • Use the scheduling matrix to make changes to the schedule

      • You can change the schedule in each time block but pressing into the colored block

      • Note: each time block is completely movable and temperature adjustable

    5. Select Done

Open/Close Garage Door

    1. Scroll to and select the Garage Door option from the home page

    2. Select Open or Close

Live Video

    1. Scroll to and select the Video option from the home page

    2. Select the area you want to see

View camera Images

    1. Scroll to and select the Images option from the home page

    2. Select the image you want to see

Viewing history

    History is displayed by pressing the history icon on the top right side of the screen

    1. If you are looking for specific data, select the filter icon (looks like a funnel)

    2. From the scroll lists, select the type of event and date

    3. Select Search

Smart Home Mobile App Passcode

    • Disable Automatic Login through the Mobile Apps menu from your Online Account

Internal Information

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Management Steps