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Low Income, Military and Senior Discounts for CA, OR and WA



Qualifying customers must go to their local store or contact their city government to start the process, depending on the area

Resolution Steps




    • 30 % off Local Broadcast
    • Must not be receiving any other discounts
    • Must be considered low income by the city


    • Discount off Local Broadcast
    • Must apply through the City of Seattle, which determines eligibility


    • 30% off Local Broadcast for low income seniors and people with disabilities
    • Must apply through the City of Stanwood, which forwards the application to Wave

    Port Orchard

    • 30% off Local Broadcast
    • Customer must have Medicaid or DSHS card
    • Must bring to local office every 6 months to continue discount

    Port Angeles

    • $2.00 discount for Local Broadcast
    • Must go to Local office with proof of low income or disability



    No Discounts available



    San Francisco area

    • $2.00 off per service, up to 6.00 for Triple Play
    • Must be 65+
    • Show ID at local office

    Rocklin / West Sacramento

    • No Discounts available


Military Discounts

    No Discounts available


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