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Low Income, Military and Senior Discounts for CA, OR and WA



  • Qualifying customers must go to their local store or contact their city government to start the process, depending on the area

  • There are no Military Discounts available at this time

  • Below is a list of the available discounts per State

Resolution Steps




    • 30 % off Local Broadcast
    • Must not be receiving any other discounts
    • Must be considered low income by the city


    • Discount off Local Broadcast
    • Must apply through the City of Seattle, which determines eligibility


    • 30% off Local Broadcast for low income seniors and people with disabilities
    • Must apply through the City of Stanwood, which forwards the application to Wave

    Port Orchard

    • 30% off Local Broadcast
    • Customer must have Medicaid or DSHS card
    • Must bring to local office every 6 months to continue discount

    Port Angeles

    • $2.00 discount for Local Broadcast
    • Must go to Local office with proof of low income or disability



    No Discounts available



    San Francisco area

    • $2.00 off per service, up to 6.00 for Triple Play
    • Must be 65+
    • Show ID at local office

    Sacramento Region

    • No Discounts available


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