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  • There is noise on the line when I pick up the phone

  • Call quality is affected by static/crackling, radio interference, humming, noise, echo, cross talk, etc.

  • Issues may be caused by a faulty phone, phone equipment, low batteries, loose connections, wiring, jacks, outside wiring, etc.

Resolution Steps
  1. Ensure all telephone jacks and wires are securely connected

  2. If only one phone has static or noise, that phone may be faulty or may need new batteries

    • Try a spare phone in working condition in that jack and check/replace batteries if necessary

  3. If the issue is on more than one phone, or if the problem still persists, try the following steps:

    • Remove phones and equipment from their jacks and reconnect them one by one to determine if a phone or jack is faulty

    • If you hear humming or other people talking, make sure all phones (cordless and corded) are hung up and line is not open

    • Cordless phones can pick up static / noise from FM, CB, Ham radio, scanners, baby monitors and other phone signals
    • If cross-talk continues, attempt to speak to the person and ask for their phone number to report back to us 
    • If you hear static or noise only during rain, snow, inclement weather, a service call may be necessary

  4. When troubleshooting steps fail, please chat with a representative or contact us


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