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  • The Alarm.com skill supports:

    • Security

    • Lights (on/off and dimmer)

    • Indoor and outdoor IP video cameras

    • The doorbell camera is not compatible at this time.

Resolution Steps

    To use Alexa with Wave Smart Home, you will need to enable the Alarm.com skill and then use correctly-formatted commands

Setting Up Smart Home With Alexa

    • To enable the skill on the Alexa App:

      1. From the menu in top left, Select Skills and Games

      2. Search and Select for Alarm.com (Alarm.com Smart Home is a different choice), Enable this skill

      3. You will be prompted to link your account; enter your Smart Home username and password to complete the linkage

    • To enable the skill using voice:

      1. Tell your Alexa enabled device, “Alexa, talk to Alarm.com”

      2. Alexa will respond letting you know that your Alarm.com account needs to be linked

      3. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device or go to Alexa.amazon.com on your web browser

      4. On the Home dashboard, you will see an Alarm.com card at the top of the app with a Link Account button

      5. Enter your Smart Home username and password to link


Use Alexa To Control Smart Home

    • To use Alexa commands to disarm your system, you must first enable secure commands:

      • Note: If the Alarm.com skill was linked prior to the secure command availability, the skill will need to be disabled and re-enabled to prompt for setting up a PIN

      1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device and Tap Skills & Games

      2. In the search bar, enter Alarm.com. (Alarm.com Smart Home is a different choice)

      3. Tap Alarm.com. The skill should be at the top of the list

      4. Tap Disable on the skill page and Confirm disable by tapping Disable in the pop-up

      5. Tap Enable on the skill page and Log in with your account credentials, then tap Allow

      6. You will then be asked if you would like to enable secure commands. Secure commands are security sensitive (unlock the door, open the garage, disarm the panel) and protected behind a four-digit pin. To enable secure commands, tap Allow

        • Note: You must have the appropriate system permissions for access to secure commands

      7. Type in a four-digit pin and click Submit

      8. Your account is now linked. Click the X in the top left and begin interacting with Alarm.com through Amazon Alexa


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