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Requirements for Roku Service

  • Subscribe to the company's Internet service

  • Have a valid Credit Card for Roku Authorization

  • Have a wireless or wired Internet Connection

  • 5 Mbps or higher for HD streaming

  • Have an HD television with an HDMI port 
Resolution Steps


    1. Connect Roku to TV with HDMI or A/V cables

    2. Connect Roku Power adapter

    3. Change to correct Input

    4. Connect Roku to internet

      • Wired connection: plug ethernet cord into Roku and modem or router

      • Wireless connection:

        • Select your wireless network

        • Enter Wireless key and connect

    5. Go to www.roku.com/link and enter code to activate device

    6. Roku will do a channel update and boot to the main page

Pair Roku Remote

    1. Turn off or move other devices near Roku

    2. Open Roku remote battery compartment

    3. Place remote in close to Roku

    4. Press and hold pairing button inside battery compartment for 3 seconds

    Note: When LED light stops blinking, pairing is complete


Wifi Password Change

    1. Press Home button on remote for Menu

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Select a Network

    4. Repeat Guided Set up

    5. Select Wireless Network

    6. Update password

Add Channels

    1. From Main Menu arrow to Channel Store

    2. Find the Channel

    3. choose Add or Buy

    4. Enter 4-digit pin if prompted

Remove Channels

    1. From Main Menu go to My Channels

    2. Highlight channel, press OK to select

    3. Select Remove Channel

    4. Confirm, select Yes remove channel


Change 4-Digit PIN and PIN Preferences

    1. Go to www.roku.com

    2. Sign in using email address and password for Roku account

    3. To update PIN, click on update

    4. Enter new PIN in PIN field and verify

    5. Submit when finished

    6. Note : PIN preferences for adding channels will be changed here


Software Updates

    1. Go to Menu

    2. Go to Settings

    3. Select Software update

    4. If a software update is available, Continue to proceed

    5. Note: A password may be prompted to update software


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