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The Wave phone portal enables the user to independently view and make changes to their phone service, at their own convenience

  • Requirements for the phone portal include, our digital phone service, voicemail service, and internet service with the latest supported browser:  

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer

    • Firefox

    • Google Chrome (Windows only)

    • Safari (Mac OS X only)  

  • Additional information:

    • In the portal, there are often several ways to accomplish the same task

    • When programming phone numbers into the portal, the full ten digit number must be entered

    • To complete a change, you must Click Apply

Resolution Steps

Logging In



    • After logging in, the main screen is the Dashboard; select where you'd like to go to:

      • Check for new messages and listen to voice mail messages

      • Track recent calls 

      • Add / check contacts of friends, co-workers and family to quickly make calls and easily check your calls and messages

      • Go to other tabs to view information and make changes to your phone service:

        • Messages & Calls

        • Contacts

        • Call Manager

        • Settings


Messages & Calls

    Manage Messages and Calls

    • This tab displays the last 12 voice mail messages and calls that were missed, dialed and received
    1. Listen to voice mail over the computer (must have a sound card and speakers on your computer)

      • Click on the right arrow next to the phone number 

    2. Record a voice mail message (must have a computer with a microphone)

    3. Forward voicemail to an email address (Settings > Messages > Settings)

      • Check the box to the right of Forward messages as emails to this email address

      • Enter the desired email address

      • Check this box: Leave a copy of forwarded voicemail messages in the inbox

        • If you do not check the box, messages are automatically deleted once sent to email

      • Click Apply. Recording is sent as an attachment in .WAV format

    4. Forward voicemails to another Wave digital phone number

    5. Email Notification of New Voicemail Messages

      • Click on Settings, then Messaging, then Email

      • Check the box to send email notification

      • Click on New Entry to add a new email address

    6. Outdial Notification of New Voicemail Messages

      • Click on Settings, then Messaging, then Outdial

      • Check the box to receive outdial notification

      • Enter a telephone number to have new message notices sent to

    • To manage your calls (on the bottom of the screen): Delete, Mark as New, Mark as Heard or record a New Voicemail 



    • Set up Contacts in this tab that show the name of the person calling, along with the phone number

      • Add  friends, family and other important numbers to the contact list to quickly make calls, see who your calls and messages are from, and more

        • Click the New Contact or Import buttons on bottom of screen

        • In the designated fields, add appropriate information

        • Click Save (on bottom right of screen)

      • Speed Dial: use a code to make dialing faster by setting up speed dial numbers 

        • Designate a one or two digit code to dial instead of the entire phone number

        • One digit codes range from 2-9 / Two digit codes range from 20-49


Call Manager - Forwarding Options

    Call Forwarding: 

    • Immediately: Check the box and add the ten digit number to forward calls immediately to that number (or select existing number(s) from drop down)

      • Select Yes or No to have your phone ring when a call is forwarded

      • In the Forwarding Destinations tab, enter familiar names with numbers you frequently forward calls to

    • Busy / No Answer: Forward calls if you do not answer or  if your line is busy

      • Configure numbers in Call Manager that you often forward calls to

      • Forward calls in the amount of seconds you choose to the number(s) you designate

    • Selected Callers: Check the box to forward calls immediately from selected callers

      • Select Yes or No to have your phone ring when a call is forwarded

    • Destinations: Forward calls to a specific person / destination by entering the 10 digit number and familiar name; press Add

      • Repeat process to add more names

      • Click Edit List and add / remove numbers; Click OK

    • Follow Me: Forward calls you receive to one or more destinations

      • In the Call Manager / Follow Me tab, click in box to activate / deactivate this feature

      • Click Add Rule to add phone numbers to the Follow Me list

      • Select if destinations should ring simultaneously or sequentially (in same order as list)

      • Click Apply 

Call Forwarding - Screening Options

    • Selective Acceptance: Check the box to only accept calls from phone numbers in the Calls to Accept list

      • Select Yes or No to have your phone ring when a call is forwarded

    • Selective Rejection: Check the box to reject calls from phone numbers in the Calls to Reject list

      • Select up to 25 numbers to reject; all other calls come through normally

      • Rejected numbers hear a message that says you are not accepting calls at this time

    • Anonymous Rejection: Check the box to reject calls from anonymous callers who block their Caller ID information

      • Rejected callers hear a message that says you are not accepting calls with blocked Caller ID, to enable their Caller ID and try again

    • Priority Call: Check the box to make calls ring distinctively from selected callers / phone numbers

      • Click Edit List and add / remove numbers; Click OK

      • To remove, select Clear List; Click OK



Change Active Password

    • Promote self-help and advise customer to log into the portal

    • Direct customer to the bottom of the screen (in the middle) under the word SECURITY

    • Select Change Password

    • Customer must enter their current password and enter new password twice

    • Press Confirm

    • For customers who refuse the self-help method, follow the steps above to Reset Portal Password

    • To set up a new password, contact us


    • Click on Settings, then Messaging, then Greetings

    • Choose between Configure Greeting or Record Greeting

    • Configure Greeting

      • System with Number: Callers will hear the generic system greeting and telephone number

      • System: Callers will hear the generic system greeting

    • Record a Personalized Greeting

      • System with Name: Callers will hear your name recorded in your voice with the generic system greeting

      • Personal: Callers will hear your personalized greeting


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