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Trick Play (Pause, Rewinds, Fast Forward, etc.) are commonly used during recording playback or live TV, and are available on TiVo

Pause Button
Stops the show, pause Live TV andthe buffer keeps saving the program
Rewind Button
Rewind in 3 speeds, pause Live TV and rewind back to thebuffer start point
Fast Forward Button
Advance in 3 speeds, pause Live TV andadvance to the buffer end point
Slow Button

Press Slow,then Fast Forward or Rewind for frame-by-frame playback

Replay Button
Rewind 15 seconds, use with Rewind to go back to the last 15 minute marker
Advance Button
Fast Forward 30 seconds, use withFast Forwardto go to thenext 15 minute marker

Resolution Steps

Using Trick Play on Live TV
  • When you tune to a channel, TiVo starts a Live TV buffer, so you can pause, rewind and fast forward the program you are watching

  • The Live TV buffer saves as far back as 30 minutes, as long as you don't change the channel

  • If you change the channel, the buffer starts over again on the new channel you are watching

The Status Bar
  • The green status bar shows a one hour period on Live and recorded TV, allowing you to keep track of where you are

  • The green line in the status bar shows the recorded portion of the show or the buffer when in live TV

  • The thick white line shows the current point in time, the smaller white tick marks show 15 minute intervals
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